Where Does the Time Go?

Wow! I just realized it’s been almost a month since I last wrote on here. It’s been hectic lately. Well, Miranda and I are engaged. We’ve been doing some early planning for the wedding and it looks like it will be next October in Vegas, followed by some time off in SOCAL just wandering around, and a party back here in KC sometime in November. More details on that later. We went to Rochester, MN over the Labor Day weekend and had a great time at Miranda’s cousin’s wedding. Congrats to Nathan and Cathy!!! We are also in the beginning stages of buying the house we have been renting for the last year, wish us luck! I’ve been working a lot, and learning something new everyday. I have been told that my contract will be extended, and I will hopefully go permanent around the first of the year. Keeping my fingers crossed! I’m trying to teach myself some programming, and have been working with the Google Android App Inventor to do a couple of small practice applications. I have a long way and a ton of reading to go. I’ve also been doing some writing and have started on a ‘book’ that maybe I’ll finish this time. My friend Scott and I have also started a fun new Twitter account where we share some of the lessons that we learned growing up with 80’s Pop Culture. Follow us! twitter.com/80sWisdom I’ve also been doing some tweaking of my Android phone, and I am loving the Cyanogen mod of 2.2 Froyo for my HTC Hero. I still can’t wait to get a new phone, but this is keeping me occupied in the meantime. Other than that, just been hanging with the fiancee and the dogs and cats, and watching HUSKER football. GO BIG RED!!

I will be writing more soon.