Autumn 2011 – End of an Era

Yes folks, something most people who know me well thought would never happen actually did happen on October 22nd 2011. This guy got married. It’s not that I was the consumate bachelor, always out getting the ladies and partying all the time, it’s more that no one really thought anyone could stand me long enough to actually marry me. 🙂 Anyway, on October 16th, my beautiful bride and I set off for Las Vegas for a week, culminating in our wedding ceremony. We were joined by a handful of family and close friends who were able to spend some time with us in Sin City. It was a short, sweet little ceremony in front of a waterfall inside one of the resorts. My baby looked ravishing, while I looked like a troll. 🙂 I joke, but she really did look amazing that night. After the ceremony, we had some dinner with our family and friends, and then took some pictures. We were exhausted from the week leading up to our nuptuals, so we did the only thing logical the next day, we embarked on a 10+ hour drive in a rented Mustang convertible to San Francisco. My wife had always wanted to go there, so of course, I obliged. We spent about 3 days in San Fran, and I can definitely say that it is a beautiful city, but I did not leave my heart there like Tony Bennett did. I’m not sure I could ever see myself living in SF. The drivers are horrible, service industry workers are rude, parking sucks, and having to pay a toll every time you turn around got ridiculous. We did take in Alcatraz, which was extremely cool to see, and we got a ton of pictures. The next stop on our trip was a quick one in San Jose to visit the Winchester Mystery House. What an insane place this was. Long story short, the former owner was the heir to the 20 million dollar Winchester Firearms fortune. She moved into a small 8 room farm house in San Jose in the late 1800’s after the death of her husband. She visited a psychic and was told that in order to not be haunted by all of the souls that had been taken by Winchester firearms, she would need to begin building onto her house, but never finish. She had carpenters working on the house 24 hours a day for almost 20 years. The house was never ‘finished’, but grew from 8 rooms to 160 rooms. There are many odd features to the home such as doors and stairways that lead to nowhere, windows in odd places, and hidden rooms. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures inside, but if you are ever in San Jose I suggest checking it out. After San Jose, our journey took us to Southern California. We stayed in a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills called the SLS. It was a gorgeous, very modern hotel, and we really didn’t fit in. 🙂 First off, the hotel only allowed valet parking, which was fine, and easy to get used to. The valet attendant offered to have our things taken up to our room, and we accepted, not remembering that we had stuffed many of our accumulated belongings into plastic Walmart bags. After checking into our room, there was knock at the door, and a bell-man was standing there holding a couple of our Walmart bags, a half empty case of Miller Lite left over from our condo in Vegas, and a cart with our luggage and several more Walmart bags hanging on it. Talk about feeling like hillbillies! The bell-man was very nice, and brought our things into the room while offering directions to any attractions we were interested in the LA area and asking where we were from. We told him we were from Kansas City, and headed out for the TMZ Tour of Hollywood (HILLBILLIES!!) and he said that the TMZ van went right past his place on Hollywood Blvd. I tipped him and he left, I’m sure he told everyone in the hotel about the yokels he had just helped out. 🙂 With all of our ‘luggage’ in the room, we headed down to Hollywood to hop on the TMZ Tour. We were greeted on the bus by Van, a guy I recognized from TMZ’s daily show. Pretty cool to have a tour guide who is actually part of the TMZ organization, and not just some jackass off the street. The 2+ hour tour took us all around Hollywood and Beverly Hills and showed us the things we wanted to see, like where Hugh Grant picked up a hooker to end his career, and where Britney Spears rubbed her ass on the window of a restaurant for the paparazzi. It was a fun and interactive tour, made better by Van, our guide who was down to earth, funny, and very personable. I highly recommend taking the tour if you are in LA, and obsessed with pop culture like me. The next couple days of our trip included spending some time in Orange County (mainly Huntington Beach) and walking and driving around Beverly Hills and Hollywood. On Saturday, we headed back to Kansas City. While I loved being in SOCAL, and could definitely see myself retiring to Huntington Beach or Newport Beach after we win Powerball, I was very glad to be heading home to our pups, and sleep in our own bed. Unfortunately, we walked into a nightmare upon arrival at home, but that’s another story…


All in all, I’m glad to be married, loved our vacation, but glad to be home. More to come soon…


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