Skins Outrage… seriously?

While I have admittedly not seen an episode of MTV’s Americanized version of the British show Skins, I can honestly say I’m outraged by all of the outrage it’s causing. For those who do not know, Skins is a scripted TV show following the lives of a handful of diverse teens growing up in suburban America. The show is being criticized for it’s content, including sexual, drug, and alcohol related themes. In a form of passive censorship, companies at the urging of ‘The Parents Television Council‘, such as H&R Block, Taco Bell, Subway, Wrigley’s, and GM have been pulling their ads so as not to offend America’s tender sensibilities and push MTV to cancel Skins for not getting enough ad revenue. I watched the first 2 seasons of Skins on BBC America and felt it to be a pretty accurate depiction of teen life. While the clothes, music and setting were quite different from my own teen years, the old stories and situations were much the same. Here’s a NEWS FLASH folks, teens experiment with sex, drugs and rock and roll! I did it, I know my parents did it. This experimentation is very healthy in my opinion, it teaches life lessons. Not all of these lessons are easy, and not everyone passes the tests. If we did, then there could be nothing learned. From my viewings of the BBC version of Skins, I felt that many of the characters learned a great deal from their experiences. While there were some who may not have learned anything, those are the people we come across in life who never learn, and usually become rich and powerful and try to get shows like Skins off the air. The people out there who are so worried about what their kids are seeing on TV should realize that the kids are THEIR KIDS, and they are responsible for controlling what THEIR KIDS see on TV. Parents nowadays are way too quick to point blame at society, rather than admit their shortfalls as parents. The government SHOULD NOT be babysitting your children for you. Look at the what the government does and prioritizes, someone needs to babysit them. Our country has so many problems right now that take a backseat to the agendas of the Neo-Cons, and the Religious Right. People like Sarah Palin, with her pregnant out of wedlock teen daughter is the exact kind of person who would rather spend time and energy getting a show that employs people, and creates and economy, than actually take a look at her own parenting skills and spend time PARENTING her children. With our economy, and wars, and the beginnings of social unrest in the US, you would think that our elected officials would spend more time answering the requests of the citizens, and stop trying to force conservatism on us. I find it extremely ironic that out forefathers left England all those many years ago to escape tyranny. England, the country where a show like the original Skins, with it’s foul language and mild nudity intact, is on the air, and has been for a few years. Our country needs to spend more time focusing on what truly is wrong with the US. Energy needs to be spent on truly investigating the causes of our economic downfall, who really runs the government, and a FULL independent investigation of what really happened in the 9/11 attacks. We are a country of people who seem to just believe what the talking heads on TV tell us, and take it as the only possible story. We are a country that finds it easier and more acceptable to let someone else do our thinking, and just want to be spoon fed. We are a country that never wants to take responsibility for our wrongs and always needs a scapegoat. Our government does it, so why shouldn’t we? We need to wake up, take responsibility, and get over all of our Puritanical issues. This country was founded on the idea that people were free. Free to create, free to express, free to consume. What real freedom do we have when our government tries to censor and listen to everything we say and do? Wake up America, your collective eyes have been closed for WAY too long. Skins is far from the problem.


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