Hey you, you little punk!!!

I'm walking down the street, and who do I meet? Me when I was a 16 year old 'punk kid'. What would I tell me?

I would tell my 16 year old self not to worry so much about status and wealth. Money is important, but it's not everything. I would tell him that, while I didn't stay in college, he should because his life will be alot easier with that stupid piece of paper. I would explain to him that now I understand why my parents were tough on me, and I can see the value in the lessons they taught me now that I am struggling with helping to raise an intelligent, hard headed 12 year old. I would tell him not to stress so much about finding love, it happens when it happens, and when it does for real it's amazing. I would tell him to focus on his dreams, but not live with his head in the clouds. I would tell him to learn to play guitar, and keep his singing voice in shape, because it was really pretty good back then. I would tell him that he is going to lose a lot in his life, be it money, posessions, or people he loves, but it's OK, it all happens for a reason. I would tell him that those 'reasons' are very often not apparent for a long time after the fact. I would tell him not to discount the extraordinary in life, and that keeping an open mind can yield some pretty incredible things. I would tell him to get more interested in computers and learn to hack, being a geek can pay off, and I waited too long to embrace my inner geek. I would tell him to invest in Google the first time he hears the name, even if it's just a few bucks. I would tell him to not be afraid to take a leap of faith. I would tell him that moving to California in his 20's might be a great idea. I would urge him to take care of his body, and spend time in the gym while he's young and make it a habit so that he doesn't end up a fat old man like me. I would tell him to cherish his family and spend more time with his Grandma while she still can remember who he is. I would tell him to always be kind to animals, and that having a pet can change his life. I would tell him to remember the name Miranda, she'll be pretty pivotal in his life down the road.

He probably would have stopped listening about 2 sentences into my spiel, he's such a hard headed kid.

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One comment

  1. scotty · August 20, 2010

    actually, he would have said “shut up, mayor McCheese”!!! and yeah… he would have said it about 2 sentences in.

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