What a difference a week can make…

The RingSo, my last post about a weekend was a pretty negative one. This one is anything but.

M. and I had a great weekend. Went to see one of our favorite bands, Better Than Ezra, Friday night after dinner at one of M.’s favorite Mexican restaurants, Taqueria Mexico. We had VIP tickets for the show which meant we got to hang out in an air conditioned lounge while the warm up acts played. Much nicer than the 90-something degree heat outside. We also got to be right up front for the show, which was great. The band put on a great show as always, mixing up their old stuff with cuts off of their latest, Paper Empire (set-list below). The highlight of the evening however, was during the 2nd song of their encore. the song they played is called I Just Knew, the first time I heard it was shortly after M. and I started dating and it just fit. About midway through the song, I pulled out an engagement ring and gave it to M. She quickly put it on her finger and said ‘YES’. So there you have it, I’m engaged. The rest of the weekend was all about relaxing, which we did.

Better than Ezra SET-LIST Crossroads KC 8/6/2010




A Lifetime

The Loveless

Womanizer (Britney Spears) LOL


King of New Orleans

Sincerely, Me

Absolutely Still

Live Again

Laid (James)

Desperately Wanting


Porcelain (Acoustic)

I Just Knew

In the Blood

(Set-list courtesy of my friend jpeoschl@twitter.com)


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