Ahh…the weekend.

So, the week started out pretty shitty for me. Problems with the kid, which of course made me worried they would turn into problems with the girlfriend. I shut down for the most part and didn’t sleep very well most of the week. I’ve also been pretty worried that my contract at work may not get renewed, and that come October I would be among the ranks of the unemployed again. I’m not sure I could handle that stress again. Fast forward to Wednesday. We had a good night out at trivia with some good friends and my siblings. We lost for the 2nd week in a row, but it was still fun, and a much needed stress relief. Then, yesterday my boss asked to talk to me and gave me good news that he is definitely recommending the company keep me around and that he and his superiors are impressed with the work I’ve done. I’m not a person who needs constant validation and praise, but our talk definitely eased some stress. Now, here it is Friday and the girlfriend and I are going to see one of our favorite bands, Better Than Ezra, and we have almost nothing to do all weekend other than relax. I can’t wait. Maybe there will be a surprise or 2 along the way. Who knows?

Have a GREAT weekend my readers! Enjoy time with the ones you love.


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