Loading a Cyanogen FROYO Rom on my Sprint Hero

Feeling a tad nervous, hope it works well….

UPDATE: I like what FROYO has to offer, but I am missing my HTC Sense UI. I also am not too sure about the battery life. I’ve been playing with the phone a lot, so that has a ton to do with it I’m sure. Also not liking that I have to use Yahoo’s stupid Android app, and can’t get my Yahoo mail to just work in the mail app like I was able to do with all pre-2.2 builds. Going to give it a few more days and see what happens.



  1. Tony · August 3, 2010

    Let me know of what rom works best for you Im currently running fresh 2.3.3 but it has random reboots and im ready for a change. I dont really go for roms with crazy themes, just fast and simple, good battery life,.

    • theshep913 · August 3, 2010

      I had been using ROMs from Damage Control, which I really liked, stable, fast, worked with Sense. But Damage is no longer developing for the Hero since the EVO was released. I decided to give this FROYO ROM a try, and I like what I see so far other than having to figure out a way to get all my apps back, and the caveat that you need to load a separate zip file for any of the Google apps. I will report more as I go.

  2. terry_the_nice · November 26, 2010

    I went to Froyo with cyanogen 6.1 and I generally love it, except for those random reboots. They happen a lot when the phone is sitting for an hour or more idle. On many mornings at about 6:30am or so it will go thru 2 to 3 of them and wake me up. A buzz then HTC green letters on a white background followed by the Cyanogen skate-boarder dude. Right now, as I write this the phone is sitting next to me going through it’s 3rd reboot since I set it down about 15 minutes ago. Imagine that sitting idle and going for a reboot. Is it a conspiracy by HTC or Sprint to find these phones and reboot them?

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