I am just wondering what has happened to people that has made us so scared to tell someone we love them. You see it all the time in movies and TV, the 2 main charaters are madly in love, but neither wants to be the first to say it. It’s almost like the media makes us think being in love is a sign of weakness. I guess in some respects it is, you do become vulnerable once you share your feelings with someone, but shouldn’t you have already shared your feelings about most things with someone before you tell them you love them? Wouldn’t saying ‘I love you’ just be another feeling to add to what you have been building the relationship on? I would assume, if youwere in deep enough to get to LOVE, you would have some idea that the feeling was mutual, but who am I to talk? I recently told my girlfriend for the first time that I loved her. She told me she loved me too, and that she had seen a card a month ago that said it perfectly, but didn’t buy it then because she didn’t want to be the first one of us to say it. She waited a whole month for me to go first. I can totally understand why she waited too. That is what is so screwed up. I told her in a card, with a small gift. I had to wait almost 3 hours for her to get home to give it to her and the whole time I worried like crazy that she would be mad that I was telling her I love her. What is that??? I almost hid the card and gift at one point because I was so worried about the outcome. Now I know that I have some trust issues, and bad past relationship experiences, but why was I afraid she would get mad at me for telling her how I feel about her? Is it a bad thing to love someone nowadays? Man, I hope not. If it is, I’m not sure what else there is to keep us going. I am thinking that if you love someone right now, and you haven’t told them, maybe you should…soon. Who knows how much longer any of us has, letting someone know you love them may make a difference in how that time is spent and ultimately remembered. What do I know though? I waited 2 months from falling in love to actually admitting it to her.


Listening to: Monster Ballads – Platinum Edition – 2005 (Various Artists including, Warrant, Poison, KIX, Saigon Kick, Winger, Bad English, Damn Yankees, Queensryche, and Cinderella)

Having some high school flashbacks and enjoying some good ‘ol hair metal love songs. Man, I miss the old days some times.


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