Just some random thoughts about what’s going on lately…

So, here I am. 36, didn’t make a killing in Vegas earlier this month, about to lose my job in a layoff, wondering what the hell to do now. I seems like just when things start going well for me, something always has to just ruin it. I think however, that I may be finally gaining a little bit of a new perspective on my life. A good perspective even. I mean, I’ve had all of these bad things happen in the space of 3 weeks, and I’m not ready to off anyone yet. Let’s hope ‘yet’ isn’t the keyword there. 🙂 In the past, losing my shirt in Vegas, having Southwest Airlines rape me for $500.00 +, losing my job, and losing my apartment all at the same time would have pretty much sent me over the edge. I would either have been drunk constantly, or sulking in my bed anytime I wasn’t at work. But this time, I am actually kind of taking things in stride. I have a great family, great friends who help me out when I need it (and I REALLY hate asking for help, thanks Bob and Linda!). I have moved in with M, and am totally OK with the decision to live with her. A very good friend once told me that his marriage was great because they were best friends first. I really always thought that dating a friend was a bad idea and would never work. My situation with M. has proven me wrong so far. She really is just about everything I had been looking for, she’s smart, beautiful, has my kind of sense of humor, and we think so much alike we almost share a brain. And she was right there for 5 years. Well, not RIGHT there. She was with other people, as was I, but because things have a way of working out, we’re living together, and I am as happy as I have probably ever been in a relationship. It seems like no matter what has been coming our way lately, we have been able to keep our cool, laugh at the situation, and then tackle it. Without beating each other up over how bad the situation is, or fighting over what to do next. I have never had that in my life before. I guess it’s what people would call and ‘adult’ relationship. Believe me, I still fight with my insecurities everyday, but they seem to be getting better.


So, I guess what I’m really trying to say is that for some reason, I think things ultimately are going to be OK. I will find a job, I will still have my family and true friends, and hopefully I will still have M. in my life. Who know, maybe some huge, happy surprise may come along too. Better buy a lottery ticket. I think I’m due.

So, I’ve been listening to a lot of this band, Thornley. Lead singer is Ian Thornley, he had a band in the 90’s called Big Wreck who had one minor hit called “The Oaf”. Pretty great tune. I saw them live at the Bottleneck in Lawrence. Thornley is a Canadian band, but I try not to hold it against them. They have gone gold in Canada, but really haven’t built a following here. There is a song on their 1st album “Come Again” called “So Far, So Good” that I have decided is my unofficial theme song. Lyrics like; “Everytime I get lost in Paradise, I find a way to screw it up somehow.” and ” So far, so good, cuz no one knows I’m faking” just seem to resonate with me. It is just an incredible crank the stereo in the Explorer and sing along at the top of my lungs type of song. It’s now my ringer, even. If you like good, old fashioned, 90’s style, non-grunge, guitar rock I suggest checking them out.



Come Again; 2004 – Stand-out Track: So Far, So Good

Tiny Pictures; 2008 – Stand-out Track: Make Believe




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  1. scotty · July 25, 2009

    HA! You Nickleback lover…

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